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liquor store in minnneapolis

Our History

We've been in the business since Truman was president, though we don't recall him stopping by. Regardless of presidential endorsements, you know you're getting good advice from the store that's been around this long.

But we hope you're not picturing cobwebs and crumbling walls. Our brand new store is just that: BRAND NEW. Everything down to the shopping carts. Yes, we said shopping carts. ("I'll take one of everything, please.")

the site of broadway liquor outlet in the 30s
our pre-color home turf
liquor store in minneapolis

Our wine racks are filled with hand-selected bottles, our beers are local, national, and international favorites, and our twelve-foot-tall wall of liquor is so great, China's getting jealous.

You may be thinking, "But how can they afford such low prices with such a beautiful store (and/or staff)?" Because we're sick of old, dimly-lit liquor stores and you should be too.

Looking Ahead

We now sit proudly on the corner of Broadway and Penn facing downtown Minneapolis, serving neighbors, commuters, and all those who pass by other liquor stores just to come to us.

We plan on being a destination for our customers for another seventy years to come. In the meantime, we’ll be here always selecting the best wine, liquor, and beer for you.

the new face of broadway liquor outlet
the new face of BLO