remy martin free tasting

Remy Martin Free Tasting

Fri, Nov 3rd 4:30-7:30               Price: FREE

There's no escaping it: With summer gone, we need to find a new way to stay warm and happy (and why not a touch sophisticated).

Join us for a free sampling of Remy Martin V and 1738, two excellent cognacs that were so loved last season, we're bringing them back. The careful distilling and aging of these cognacs are found in every sip.

"On the rocks, it is vibrant and intricate. Mixed, it is the soul of any great cocktail." Remy Martin: The guys-want-to-be-him-girls-want-to-be-with-him of cognacs.

tasty with turkey free wine tasting

8th Annual Tasty with Turkey

Thur, Nov 9th 5-8pm              Price: FREE

It's the time of year where we break out the wine glasses and carving knives (under adult supervision, of course).

Our 8th annual Tasty with Turkey wine sampling will be Thursday, November 9th. Come taste over 20 different wines paired with your favorite Thanksgiving foods.

Last year, we had a full crowd of the young (but over 21), the old (very over 21), and both new and familiar faces. Stop by to see why everyone looks forward to our Tasty with Turkey.


Big Sample Day

The way we see it, being the last stop on Broadway Ave for Minneapolis Open Streets was basically the finish line, and what better way to celebrate a long trek than with some free wine, beer, and hard seltzer (which may have been our favorite).

Had to break out several excuse me's to get through the crowds. The big hits: White Claw, Bauhaus, Colome Torrontes, Lagunitas, F-Town (and their UNREAL peanut butter porter), and loads more.

What can we say? Sometimes the best is saved for last.

minneapolis open streets big sample day

First Sunday Sales Grill & DJ

After a long and boring 8,000 liquorless Sunday streak, Minnesota's ban on Sunday liquor sales has ended. We made it a true summer Sunday and reason to celebrate with a beer tasting and $1 hot dogs while DJ Chris spun some tunes.

Long story short, the beer went fast, we're out of hot dogs, and we even had rapper Lil Flip stop in for some pics.

Now where's the bill to make this a holiday?

minneapolis events sunday sales

Barley John's Beer tasting

Of course a wild rice ale would be brewed in the Midwest, and of course we LOVE IT. We even convinced everyone who came out to try Barley John's Wild Brunette Wild Rice Brown Ale. Their Mango Double Pale Ale was also (in an entirely unbiased opinion from the liquor store that poured it) fantastic.

minneapolis free beer tastings

Blue Chair Bay Rum Tasting

With winter hibernation at an end, and thirsty Minnesotans waking up from their cold, dark slumbers, our Blue Chair Bay Rum tasting had everyone swapping their wool sweaters for tanks and shades. We poured favorites like their Coconut, Banana Cream, and Key Lime Cream rums.

minneapolis free wine tastings

pamplemousse wine tasting

We admit it, we love wine more than most things in life. That's why when we tried Pamplemousse rosé, we just had to share it. Everyone who came out loved this light and fresh wine with natural grapefruit and peach flavors. This is one we'll be sampling again and again.

minneapolis wine tastings

local craft liquor tasting

You could almost taste the loud, Midwestern, passive-aggressive accents with every sip. Our local craft liquor tasting was a hit! Young Minnesota companies like Skaalvenn and Tattersall offered their lines of liquors while neighbors like Wisconsin’s J. Henry & Sons reminded the crowd of their smooth tastes.

minneapolis liquor tasting

7th annual tasty with turkey

Disclaimer: No turkeys were pardoned in the making of
this event. The crowd gets bigger every year. Our wine and
Thanksgiving foods pairing brought in every type of (21 and over) customer, and from the smiles and empty glasses, we’d say it went over pretty well.

minneapolis wine tastings

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